The Way of a Diamond

Meet Oladunni Clara Aderinboye the young and entrepreneurial lady who has a passion and drive for success! We caught up her to learn about her and her new title as a double diamond director which is currently the highest title in Oriflame Nigeria!

1. What was your previous occupation before joining Oriflame?
I was a manager in a fashion firm that produced and retailed high quality cooperate wears and accessories. That’s when I learned about Oriflame.

2. Have you had any previous experience in sales?
Yes, I can say that all my work experience has always been revolving around the sales. Recently finished my MBA program in Marketing. But I don’t have any prior experience in network marketing.

3. Achieving your new title Double Diamond in 2017, what does it mean for you?
In Oriflame life starts at Diamond title, that is why it’s called DIAMOND HEAVEN. To reach Diamond title you must build a stable network that gives you steady income and get to travel up to two times a year! Achieving the Double Diamond title means a lot to me! During all my work experience, no company has given me time, financial freedom and the opportunity to reach out to the world like Oriflame has done.

4. What are your biggest dreams and how do you think Oriflame can help you to fulfil them?
My biggest dream is to always be at the top with my team, both in the local and international level! I will achieve this by helping more people to fulfil their dreams using the Oriflame Business Opportunity. I am well aware that the more people I help, the closer I get to my own dreams. That is why I always passionate about recruiting! I have found out that above all the income and recognitions of my team is the most satisfying and fulfilling!

Words by: Photographs by: Yomi Dawoda