We recently caught up with Hajara Ibrahim, our latest Diamond Director and Car Program Qualifier with Oriflame Nigeria. We’d like to Congratulate you on your new title and new Hyundai Creta! You’re closer to reaching your goals and ambitions. Oriflame has indeed changed your life in a fantastic way with this great success.

How did you delve from Primary School Teaching to Network Marketing?

Networking marketing has always been a no-no especially in my family, as no one believes it's something one should consider as a career. I stumbled on this opportunity in 2015 through my sister who sells Oriflame products and I noticed "her upline " was making good money doing this as a side BUSINESS. I started asking lots of questions and getting free coaching from leaders in the industry. That has helped me get a better understanding and got me running with it till date.


What were the signs you saw that made you take Network Marketing more seriously?

I've seen a couple of signs that were quite amazing, yet I didn't take it seriously. First, I saw that sign from one of my family FRIENDS who happened to be one of the top leaders in one of the MLM companies in Nigeria. She got 2 cars from the company! I almost joined her company at that point cos I was really inspired but I was not financially buoyant and couldn't afford the start up capital. Then I came across my grand upline who was earning in multiple 6 figures monthly at that time. I reluctantly told my fellow teachers who took it very seriously and the outcome made me to put in my all in the business. I was paid a token of #4,000 naira the month I launched my BUSINESS and #86,000 naira the following month. That alone was a good sign that if I can put in a little extra effort I will achieve much more.



How has the journey been so far with Oriflame?

 My journey so far has been quite intriguing, and I have learnt a lot and built people's skills and raised leaders all over Nigeria. Financially and otherwise my life has taken a 360• change within 3 years that I've been with Oriflame. From a mere primary school teacher to a Globally Celebrated leader travelling the world for FREE.


What does your Diamond Director title & Car Program qualification mean to you?

This is a milestone! And it means so much to me and my family. This has shown me that my DREAMS are VALID! IF I can think it and follow the process, Then I can achieve my DREAMS.


Give one advice to new and upcoming Oriflame consultants.

 My advice to upcoming Oriflamers is to see the big picture and act, follow the process, be consistent and hardworking as there is no free money even in Freetown. Ask as many questions as you can (get the knowledge and apply it then work! work!! work!!! It sure pays on the long run!