We recently caught up with Jennifer Nkut Apeji, the newest Diamond Director and Car Program Qualifier with Oriflame Nigeria. Congratulations on your new title and new Hyundai Creta! This is a step further to reaching your ultimate goals. Oriflame has indeed changed your life in an amazing way with this great success.

What was your previous occupation before you joined Oriflame?
I Had Been Working For 5years As A Teacher/ Head Teacher in A School Before I Joined Oriflame.

How were you able to grow a solid team with little network marketing experience?
I already had an experience on leadership and building good relationships because of my job at that time which coincidentally are very key to also building a strong team in network marketing. Part of it is my will to succeed. This attracted me to people going my direction, I believe strongly that the tempo of the leader always dictates the tempo of the team.

What does your new Diamond Director title mean to you?
My new Diamond Director title for me most importantly means victory for my team. I wanted them to know despite all odds we can still close our desired titles if we desire to, and that challenges and obstacles can slow us down. Yes, but our strong will to succeed cannot be taken away no matter what.

You also qualified for the Car Program – Hyundai Creta. How does this make you feel?
It makes me feel great! Good things will definitely come to those who are determined to succeed and are willing to sacrifice time, energy and resources to achieve their why.

Give one advice to new consultants.
There is no free lunch even in free town. focus, determination and consistency is a must if you want to succeed. I wish you all great heights as you go on to fulfill your dreams.