Congratulations to Lovelyn Sola-Akande, our latest Diamond Director in Oriflame Nigeria! We recently caught up with her to find out how the journey has been so far and what has been a constant motivation! We know Oriflame has changed your life in an incredible way with this awesome achievement.

When did you join Oriflame and how has the journey been so far?

I joined Oriflame in November 2014, not with the intention of building the business but to buy my personal products because I was told that the products are organic. The journey so far is good and rewarding. I've passed through several stages in the business. There were times I attempted giving up but thank God for my upline that called my husband to talk to me. One thing is certain, if you don't give up, you will overcome every challenge.

Did you feel when you got your FIRST alert from Oriflame?

I was surprised and happy. My 1st alert was NGN4464.15 and I was so excited about this, after all I used to buy my cosmetics products from foreign companies who neither recognised nor gave me discount or bonus. Though the money was small then but as at today it has increased more than 150%. This is the principle of God that says you should not despise the days of little beginning. I quite believe that this business is from God and Nigeria is blessed to have ORIFLAME here.

Have just closed your Diamond Director Title how does that make you feel?

Closing Diamond Director title is a great accomplishment not just for me but the entire Oriflame Consultants in Rivers State. It's our collective joy and celebration. It shows that there's great future for us and this is the beginning of greater successes in our business. I'm so glad about this. Glory be to God.

In the coming years, what title would you have achieved?

My target is to close EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TITLE in 2020 by God's grace. My goal is to become a PRESIDENT DIRECTOR in Oriflame in not too distant time. This is achievable with proper planning, focus, hard work, determination and the blessing of God. I believe it is possible by God's grace and working hard with the right set of people. With my ACHIEVERS team, greater heights we shall attain in Jesus name (amen).

What is your advice to new and upcoming Oriflame consultants?

My advice to all new and upcoming Oriflame Consultants is that they should be focused, hardworking, patient and determined to succeed against all odds. If they face setbacks, they shouldn't be discouraged or back out. They should check what they are doing wrong and make necessary corrections. There's always room for improvement. They should watch those who are successful, ask them questions and celebrate them. There's time for everyone's success in life and theirs will come fast in Jesus name (Amen).

I appreciate my upline and Achievers team for their support.

On behalf of my family, I heartily appreciate Oriflame Nigeria and the entire management.