We interviewed the delectable Patience Olusuyi, Diamond Director and TOP Recruiter 2019. Congratulations on your new achievement! This is a step further to reaching your ultimate goals. Oriflame has indeed changed your life in an amazing way with this great success.

HOW HAS ORIFLAME CHANGED YOUR LIFE? Oriflame is a trusted friend and a reliable partner anyone can ever have. Oriflame Changed my life in so many ways which include: Identifying my innermost strength, better mindset, dream BIGGER, give more in life, respect for time and persons, attitudinal shift, financial freedom and most importantly FREEDOM!


In fact, Oriflame has changed everything about me starting with my MINDSET. It taught me to dream BIG and stop playing small. I now believe so much in myself and the fact that ALL THINGS are achievable with determination, passion, hard and smart work. I am a giver but Oriflame has made me a better giver as I now give MORE in all aspects of life. I invest time in productive activities and have so much value for time than ever. I am now able to lead and effectively guide goal-getters to achieve their dreams. I’m a BETTER, STRONGER & SWEETER version of me, all thanks to ORIFLAME.



BECOMING A DIAMOND DIRECTOR, HOW HAS THIS IMPACTED YOUR BUSINESS? Hmmn! Diamond Director? As at 30/4/2017, this title was my biggest dream and I had anxiously wished for and hoped to achieve same in 5years. That was a sincere wish which has now come to fruition owing to doggedness and dexterity backed by God’s grace. Diamond Director title has tremendously impacted my business in terms of self belief, financial sustainability, relevance and all. This has changed my leadership skills and inspired my Team Members to aspire high. It has changed our belief system and as a team, we believe and aim for the peak. The motivation and energy level have greatly improved and now, everyone in my team - Team Flourish Champs (TFC) is a DIAMOND!








WHAT WOULD YOU SAY ARE YOUR STRONGEST SOURCE OF MOTIVATION?  I have identified five sources of motivation: Fear, proving doubters wrong, Service to humanity, Altruism and Mastery. I will explain more on these:

  • Fear of failure: I hate to fail right from childhood. The fear of failure and being in the same place for a long time keeps me awake most times.
  • Proving Doubters Wrong: Many people think I was crazy when I joined Network Marketing as they thought how could a lawyer join Network Marketing? But today, my success speaks for itself and keeps branding me before I even open my mouth to speak.
  • Service to Humanity: I have finally come to terms that I am existing for the purpose of impacting people and changing lives. I am fulfilled when I see the lives that are changed daily through the ORIFLAME opportunity. I have many examples in my team and one of the outstanding testimonies in my team so far is my sister Beloved Omolade James-Dungiet.
  • Altruism: I want to earn more and give even more to people. I want to be regarded as a widely acclaimed philanthropist. I have started in my little and with Oriflame, I am so certain I can do more. This is my motivation to continue to push further for excellence. Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are my greatest motivation. 
  • Mastery: I want to be an icon in the Network Marketing profession. I want to get to the peak in terms of excellence. I want to be a Legend even for the unborn generations.



WHAT TITLE WOULD YOU HAVE ACHIEVED IN THE NEXT 2-3YEARS? My The future belongs to the big dreamers and now, I am fearless. Finger crossed as I unleash tremendous results in the future. I’m sure you’ll be blown away by my achievements in the next 2 - 3 years. You won’t believe it when it happens! 

IF YOU MET A PROSPECT TODAY, WHAT WOULD YOU TELL THEM? Are you happy with your current situation? Do you want more? Do you have a plan to exit your current situation to a more glorious one? Well, I’d love to take you fishing and I’m willing to lend you my net. Are you ready?