Diamond Director And A Brand-New Car

We interviewed the amazing Aishat Bashir Tukur, Diamond Director and Car Program Qualifier. Congratulations on your new achievement! This is a step further to reaching your ultimate goals. Oriflame has indeed changed your life in an amazing way with this great success.

1. Tell Us How The Journey Has Been Since You Joined Oriflame?

I joined Oriflame 5 years ago, going to my 6th year now. From the day I joined Oriflame, I have never been the same. In terms of personal development, meeting new people, getting to learn from people, the travel experiences, it’s been wonderful. I get to have the opportunity to learn from different cultures, different backgrounds, and get to interact with people that I never thought of meeting in my life. It’s really been a wonderful journey, and a long journey. Having spent the last 5 years doing one thing every year and getting results, it’s simply amazing. It’s fulfilling and rewarding.

2. What Is Your Daily Inspiration?

My daily inspiration comes from the lives being touched. You see people who are struggling to pay their bills, using the Oriflame opportunity to change their lifestyle has been my biggest inspiration. Seeing people comfortably paying their bills, buying houses and cars is one of my daily inspiration. When I wake up to see people that I know and have been struggling, but are now doing better financially using Oriflame, it’s a thing of joy to me. And that drives me daily to want to do more, to reach out and share the Oriflame Opportunity to more people out there that are not yet aware of the opportunity that exists in Oriflame.

3. You Became A Diamond Director And Qualified For A Brand-New Car, How Did This Make You Feel?

I closed my Diamond Director Title after spending 5 years in Oriflame. And I must tell you, it came in at the time where globally everyone is struggling, businesses are being closed, so many people are losing their jobs. But here I am, reaching a milestone and getting a free car attached to it. Oriflame is just wonderful. Because, you can never tell how this would have happened. Because there is a defined system and structure, all you need to do is to work towards that system and follow the process. With the economic global crisis and the financial recession that everybody is experiencing, I just feel humbled to look back at what I’ve taken years to work on manifest at a time I never thought would happen. A lot of businesses have closed, people are losing their jobs, but here we are. I am still stable on my earnings, the extra incentives that come with the business has been delivered. Oriflame fulfilled their own part of the promise, no stories, no time wasting, it’s seals and it’s been delivered.


4. What Is Your Top 3 Leadership Principles?

I believe in working with everyone. But what’s important is the strategies that works for me like picking the committed out of the crowd, having a clear goal and a road map to achieve the goals for myself and for my team. I believe in staying focused, I also believe in positive mindset, and consistency. These three principles are what keeps me going as a leader and my team.

5. Give One Advice To New Prospects

If you want to join Oriflame, or you’ve just joined Oriflame, the first thing I’ll advice you to do is sit down and advice yourself; why do I want to join Oriflame? What do I want to achieve with Oriflame? How do I go about achieving this? What are the steps required to achieve success? What area of the business should I focus on? What do I really want? You need to ask yourself that question. Do I have a project that I need Oriflame’s income to fund? Have a clear goal from day one, and make sure to have a work plan you want to achieve. If you’re able to do this and follow through with the system, you’d be able to get there.