Congratulations to the New Face of Nigeria 2023, Perpetual Ukadike

When did you learn about Oriflame and what made you join?

Perpetual Ukadike:  I first heard about Oriflame from my sister when I was about to enter ‌the university, I was skeptical about the business. But after studying Oriflame and seeing how amazing Oriflame is, I was inspired to get started. And since then, the money I make from Oriflame has taken care of my financial needs.

We had many applications; did you ever think you’d emerge winner?

Perpetual Ukadike: I have always dreamt about being the Face of Oriflame and being on Oriflame cover page, this happens to be my 5th time ‌applying for Face of Oriflame and I’m happy I didn’t give up because it means the universe truly listens to a willing heart. So, my advice to anyone with a goal and dream is to not give up on your goals, stay consistent, and keep learning and improving on your skill, trust me, achieving your goals will just be a matter of “when” and not “if”.

How would this new achievement impact your business?

Perpetual Ukadike: Being the Face of Oriflame will inspire young ladies like me to know that their dreams of being a model can also be achieved with Oriflame. So, it will impact not just my business but hopefully the business of all brand partners in Nigeria. I will leverage on this platform to attract more eyes to the lifestyle and earning opportunities Oriflame has.

In a span of 3 years, what title would you have achieved?

Perpetual Ukadike: In 3 years, my goal is to become a Senior Diamond Director. Hopefully, these dreams will become a reality as I keep working daily to make these goals a reality.

What motivates you to succeed?

Perpetual Ukadike: one of the things that has always inspired my Oriflame journey is the thought about the kind of future I would have. I have always had a fear of insecure finances and wouldn’t want to be too desperate for money to get my hands dirty. Oriflame has genuinely helped me maintain my values and principles through a secure financial system. My sisters and family also remain a constant inspiration to achieve the best I can.


I really want to use this opportunity to thank Oriflame Nigeria for the opportunity and the platform. The Face of Nigeria platform is not only changing lives but also pushing ladies beyond their dreams but then again, this is what Oriflame represents! Oriflame Yes, Nigeria Number One!!

FON 2023