Special congratulations to Hafsat Jumare, new Senior Diamond Director and Car Program Qualifier. This is an amazing achievement and a step further to reaching your ultimate goals. Oriflame has indeed changed your life in an amazing way with this great success.


  1. Tell us how your life has changed since you joined Oriflame.

    My life has changed tremendously from financial independence, personal mindset to personal growth. Being surrounded by the best circle and having faith in my name and my purpose in life. I used to be in the habit of looking down on myself and my abilities to make something meaningful out of life. But now, joining Oriflame has changed my mindset. I now think like a millionaire that I am, and I take opportunities immediately as they come. To be honest, it’s been a beautiful journey of working, building a stable business while traveling to beautiful destinations. My life has truly changed for the best.


  2. You closed your Senior Diamond Director title and qualified for a brand-new Hyundai Creta. How was the feeling like?

    I honestly still doubt that someone like me who is coming from acute laziness and negativity could change and be getting a steady income accompanied with a brand-new car. I am So grateful to the entire Management of Oriflame Nigeria and My entire Team and fellow Oriflamers who have in one way or the other supported me. May we all continue to win!



  3. You drive most of your activities online. How do you motivate your team members to be independent?

    The truth is I give more time to people who are self motivated, because over time I have realized that I can’t force my goals on anyone. So, I motivate people to take charge of their time, business and activities, and in so doing, they also pass this culture on. We learn together and act together in our WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp has really played a major role in disseminating communication to my team members. Everyday is a different vibe in my team groups, I am always in constant communication and we relate like family. In this process, I have made a lot of friends who are passionate to achieve their dreams in Oriflame.


  4. What has been your source of inspiration to go for more?


    I started my Oriflame business from level zero - as someone staying in a not-so-ideal town, I wasn’t so self conscious, I was easily intimidated and never had a voice. Coupled with the fact that I studied Human Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine with no business background or the Social Media know-how. I look at myself now and I am so impressed with how much I have grown and increased in knowledge. Sometimes, I think of people like me who used to struggle, and I’m inspired to do more, because I want them to say if Hafsat can do it, I can do it too.


  5. What advice would you give you an Oriflame new comer?

           I want to tell that new comer to face front, set goals, make plans and start to execute. Your success is not tied to your up-line but you need to take charge and do the work. Work on your                             mindset and don’t stop grinding hard because it’s worth it and you will be helping yourself and so many people working with to you. I assure you that if you remain consistent with the right                       activities, Oriflame will blow your minds.