We caught up with Sharon Ifepariola Adegboye, a Senior Diamond Director with Oriflame Nigeria. Congratulations on your latest achievement! Being the Fastest Growing Leader in Africa as a whole is an amazing recognition and is a step further to reaching your goals. We know Oriflame has impacted your life in an incredible way with this great achievement.

How has being the Fastest Growing Leader in Africa made you feel?
I must start by saying I feel humbled by the recognition that came with it. I am not one to clamour for recognition but when I get it I love the feel that comes with it which is mostly the feeling that I can do anything I set my mind to do. I feel like I can reach any height I want in Oriflame globally.

Would this achievement have a positive effect in your business?
Yes I have been using it in subtle ways to build my team. I say subtle because being Oriflame Africa’s fastest growing leader puts more responsibility on me to not just represent my team but Oriflame Nigeria as a whole, so mostly I don’t like to talk about it as a team success alone but to answer your question yes it is having a positive effect as my team sees what’s possible. They are confident to follow my leadership and this is good as trust in business is needed to build a solid business and especially to bring out the best in individuals on the team. My team members are working to become fastest growing leaders as well now.

What has been the reason behind your passion for success?
If I understand this question correctly you are asking for my WHY so let’s talk about it. It started off as wanting time freedom badly so I can have time with my family and pursue my dreams of writing and singing but then it became bigger. I love to say I upgraded on my why. Building my business gave me a chance to pursue my purpose in live which is to help people become better, to help people believe in themselves. I naturally feel healthier when I see someone on my team win. When I see them transform so my passion for success now is beyond the time freedom but to help others become who they can be. I equally have a burning dream to show the world that a girl child can be the pride of a family so I am driven to make my parents very proud of me and lest I forget, I love the way I feel when I see positive pride lit up in my husband’s face, so that drives me as well. In summary, I want to live my life to help others dream while equally making my loved ones proud like the virtuous woman

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?
My vision for the next 5 years scares me, it’s that big. I see myself building a tribe of successful entrepreneurs, raising success stories that inspires the world. I see myself holding big team organized conferences, I see myself as a Senior President Director. Let me stop here lol.

What advice would you give to new consultants?
Hey New consultants! Congratulations on saying yes to this amazing business opportunity! Here are a couple of advice for you: own your business immediately. Take full responsibility for it, strife to know the basics as soon as possible by marrying the e-Learning platform and your catalogue. Then go ahead to do the simple result producing activities daily which are prospect, invite and show the opportunity. At first you might not be comfortable doing these things but with consistency you will master the art. Focus on sales creation, recruiting and of course leadership development. There are times you won’t feel like showing up, revisit your WHY and you will be motivated to get up. Be your own energy booster, love the company, her products and what we stand for. Lastly believe you deserve to succeed and go for it relentlessly! All the best!