We recently caught up with Onyinye Obiora-Okoye, latest Senior Diamond Director and Fastest Growing Leader in Nigeria 2018. Congratulations on your new achievement! This is a step further to reaching your ultimate goals. Oriflame has indeed changed your life in an amazing way with this great success.

How has the Oriflame journey been so far?

It has been an amazing ride so far, filled with Love, Laughter, Learning, Striving, Giving, Trying, Doing and Winning despite all odds. Four years and counting and I am so grateful for the Oriflame Opportunity and thankful that I took the bull by the horns by saying YES. I am also thankful that my team members were interested in hearing about the opportunity from me while allowing me to lead them. I summarize my journey so far with Oriflame with this quote.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

When you closed your first title in Oriflame, what was the feeling like?

At that moment I was enveloped with the feeling of POSSIBILITIES. That all things are possible if we just act. In a small town such as Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria where I live, I was able to set TASKS, Act on them and I saw the RESULTS. The Title Director brought in a sense of accomplishment that meant that I was mastering the SARPIO system. Opportunities don’t happen, you create them, and this was so evident with my Director title.

What does your New Senior Diamond title mean to you?

It means that I can raise more leaders in depth and width. It means leaving something that will still be there even after I am not here in many years to come. With this title, the TERM residual income became very feasible and visible for me.

This title to me, means the ability to cause POSITIVE difference in the lives of my team members, it means that because I said yes, I have impacted so many Directors, Senior Managers and Managers lives using Oriflame as a tool. Senior Diamond title means 8 leaders who have mastered SARPIO and have the potential to be diamonds. If I can do 8, 24 is a walk over.

This title screams GO FOR MORE!!




You also qualified for the Car Program. Has this impacted your business?

The new Car has impacted my business greatly because people can see and evaluate the possibilities in the Oriflame journey. Winning the car is a success trigger which is extremely helpful in helping people believe in themselves and believe in Possibilities. I never knew that setting small targets for myself would lead to small victories that would trigger a positive spiral of behaviour. For new prospects, they are inspired to act. For existing consultants, they are motivated to rank up. Winning the car is indeed a success trigger.




Share 3 tips for new and upcoming Oriflame consultants.


Sales and Recruitment Process in Oriflame is very vital for growth.

- You Must Hold offline and online OOM'S

- You Must do Getting Started and Step one

- You Must Sell, Prospect and Recruit


If you want STABILITY and CONSOLIDATION of your bonus points, you should adapt the power leg system. If you want to Raise LEADERS and build depth in your business, you should as a matter of urgency embrace the Power Leg system.


I said Skin Care is the NEW GOLD and results show that being a smart NOVAGER is the way to grow a sustainable business with loyal customers. You gather more bonus points with less effort and make more money along the way. Organise a minimum of 3 skin care sessions a week, be it one on one or a group session. This is very important and vital to growth in Oriflame.

Develop Great ACTIONABLE HABITS. Habits are everything. I believe good habits can revolutionize your business. Make the 3 above listed a Habit and success is yours!