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This is Beauty by Sweden

Because we’re from Sweden we have a different view on beauty. For us, it’s not only how you look, but how you live and feel. It’s a way of life; to be healthy, enjoy beautiful skin, to express yourself and have fun. It’s about being confident in who you are and finding balance in life. A balance that come from the inside and out, that puts you in control no matter what life throws at you.

Who We Are
For over 50 years we have empowered woman and men all over the world to fulfil their dreams and to celebrate their own unique expression. We develop, produce, distribute and sell innovative and trend driven products to beauty lovers all over the world and offer them a unique possibility to be part of the world of beauty.

Inspired by Nature
Since the start, nature has played an important part for us. We were among the first in the world to offer cosmetics with natural extracts such as birch sap, decades before most other companies and the concept of natural Swedish cosmetics has always served as our product base. Still today, 100% of our extracts are natural and all our ingredients undergo our Eco-Ethical Screening to ensure the best quality, safety and responsible sourcing.


Swedish Science
With more than 50 years of experience, over 100 scientists and technical experts – covering many scientific disciplines including formulation science, skin research, clinical testing, process development, packaging technology, microbiology, toxicology, environmental science – and state of the art Research and Development facilities, we are constantly searching for better solutions and technologies in order to create more progressive, innovative products.

Giving back is in our nature
We strongly believe that how you act – as a company and as a person – is important. It extends beyond the products we make into the things we do to make the world a little better. Since the start our charity work has always been important to us and we strongly believe that if we support the most vulnerable in our society we can help give them better opportunities to change their lives to the better. This firm commitment to support self-help is the guiding principle in our charity work.

To create the biggest impact, we have gathered all our community work under one umbrella – The Oriflame Foundation. We work with NGO’s and charity organisations that shares our aims and values and that have the experience to develop initiatives that enables real change. These include the World Childhood Foundation and SOS Childrens’s Villages.

Work with what you love – we do
For us beauty is also about being who you want to be and having the opportunity to live life on your own terms. That’s what our business opportunity is all about. We can help you reach your destination—you choose the path that’s best for you.

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Our History
It all began in 1967 in a small two-room office in central Stockholm. The two brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick and their friend sat and talked about their dreams. They wanted to create a different kind of company offering a different kind of product. They had this idea about giving people an opportunity to benefit from high quality beauty products inspired by our Swedish nature. At the time this was not an obvious road to success, especially not in Sweden. But that conversation marked the beginning of an incredible journey that continues to surprise and amaze 50 years later.

Today Oriflame is present in over 60 markets with over 3 million independent beauty consultants that share, promote and sell our beauty and wellness products.