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Our history

In 1967, in a small two-room office in central Stockholm, brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, alongside their friend Bengt Hellsten, envisioned a company offering unique beauty products inspired by nature. Despite many challenges along the way, their vision paved the way for a remarkable journey that continues to inspire over 55 years later. 

  Today, Oriflame carries that dream to over 60 markets with 2 million brand partners around the world – living for the excitement of changing lives each day and creating a better tomorrow. 

Historical highlights

2024 Reach your happy place

2024 comes with an exciting rebrand! The launch of ‘Reach your happy place’ reinforces our commitment to bringing joy and positivity to the lives of our customers and Brand Partners worldwide. 

2023 – A year of product breakthroughs

This year marked significant strides for our brand with the introduction of groundbreaking product ranges like Duologi, Wellosophy, and Novage+. These launches are a testament to our ongoing dedication to excellence in beauty and wellness. 

2023 – Stockholm welcomes R&D Centre 

A notable moment as our Research and Development Centre opens in Stockholm. It marked a pivotal step in our commitment to innovation, bringing our R&D capabilities to the heart of Oriflame’s origin. 

2022 – #1 Climate leaders in Europe

Oriflame soared to new heights by securing the top spot as #1 Climate Leaders in Europe in the Personal & Household Goods sector, a recognition by Financial Times. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

2021First eCatalogue launched

In 2021, we stepped into a new digital era with the launch of our inaugural eCatalogue. Enhancing accessibility and convenience for our global audience, we brought our products closer to fingertips everywhere. 

2020 – Community support during COVID

Amid the challenges of COVID-19, we stood as a pillar of support for our communities, extending continuous assistance while navigating the digital landscape with agility. We showcased resilience and adaptability to the evolving needs of our valued community. 

2017 – 50th anniversary celebration

Oriflame marked half a century of excellence with a grand celebration. This occasion included a remarkable two-ship cruise, symbolising not just a reflection on our storied legacy but also a look ahead into the next 50 years of growth and impact. 

2015 – NovAge launches

The introduction of NovAge, our revolutionary skincare innovation featuring patented technology, helped push the boundaries of beauty and laid the foundation for a new standard in skincare excellence. 

2011 – Ecobeauty launches

Ethical and environmentally conscious, Ecobeauty became the first global cosmetics range to partner with four independent global organisations for sustainable and environmental responsibility - Fairtrade®, Ecocert®, The Vegan Society™, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

2009 – Skin Research Institute opens

Our commitment to skincare innovation reached new heights with the opening of the Skin Research Institute in Stockholm. This cutting-edge facility became the epicentre of groundbreaking research, shaping the future of Oriflame's skincare offerings. 

2008 – R&D Centre opens

2008 saw the launch of our state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre. Equipped with a dedicated clinical testing suite named Oriderm, this centre became a crucible for real results and product quality.

1999 – World Childhood Foundation

Co-founded with Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, Oriflame's work with World Childhood Foundation focuses on raising awareness for marginalised children from around the world, with a special emphasis on girls.

1997 – launches

A milestone was etched in 1997 as we took a bold step into the digital frontier. Our global website,, marked our digital debut and laid the groundwork for enhanced global connectivity, shaping the way we interact with our audience. 

1982 – London Stock Exchange

Rewind to 1982 when Oriflame made history by becoming the first foreign company listed on the London Stock Exchange since World War II. This not only reflected our global reach but also set the stage for decades of financial success and international prominence.

1970s – Tender Care launches

First sold as an eye cream, Tender Care soon became renowned for its fantastic soothing and moisturising properties. Today, it stands as our bestseller, continuing to sell millions of units worldwide.

1970 – Innovative selling methods

Breaking away from traditional methods, we pioneered new selling approaches and focused more on catalogue and one-to-one selling. In August 1970, we printed our very first Oriflame catalogue, with 1000 copies in total.

1967 – Our first product range

Oriflame's journey began in 1967 with the launch of our first product range – skin creams, lipstick, and mascara – all infused with herbal and plant extracts from Sweden, and a pioneering commitment to sustainability.