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Welcome to Oriflame

Join Oriflame and start an exciting journey towards a bright new future! As a Brand Partner you are offered the chance to Look great, Make money and Have fun. Our mission is to fulfil dreams and that means giving you the tools and inspiration to change your lives for the better, to achieve your individual goals.

Why to join?


Stay relevant, make your passion profitable and become a Beauty Expert.

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1. Stay relevant: learn about the latest trends with direct access to our high-quality Swedish beauty products that combine the best in nature, science, & trends
2. Make your passion profitable: save 23% on your favorite cosmetics from Oriflame while also making a 30% profit on anything you sell to customers
3. Become a Beauty Expert: we offer certified beauty and skin care trainings on the latest and greatest in beauty



Sell products, earn more money and be your own boss.

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1. Sell products: Go to or recommend products from our catalogue to friends and family to earn a 30% profit on orders
2. Earn more money: Invite friends to start their own Oriflame businesses. Let us show you how with our free business trainings
3. Be your own boss: make your own work schedule, set your own working hours, work from home, work online - be independent



Travel the World, join our Oriflame Family.

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1. Travel the World: Throughout the year, Oriflame gives you a chance to travel to exotic places to attend fun and exciting seminars, events, parties and international conferences
2. Join our Oriflame Family: You will always have a community that supports you and introduces you to new people and great experiences with Oriflame



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