Mimmi Frölén – Tips From A Beauty Insider

Meet Mimmi Frölen, Oriflame’s Senior Director for Skincare, Haircare and Personal care. With almost 16 years in the industry, this career woman and striking beauty gives us her best insider tips on everything from skincare to what colours to wear this season.

You have worked in the beauty industry for a long time, as an insider how do you choose skincare products? Give us your best tips!

I believe that skincare is very personal and what works for you may not work for someone else. You have to get to know your skin and find out if your skin needs light or rich products, with or without perfume and spf.

Another tip is to always look for clinical results instead of price. Expensive creams are rarely the best ones. Clinically tested means that an objective institute has done tests in a special scanning procedure. They have testers use the product for about 12 weeks and then scan the skin again to measure the results, for example; how many wrinkles there are left, how they are affected by the product, the size of the pores before and after usage, pigment differences and so on.  These tests are much more reliable than panel based tests.

What is the difference between day and night cream? Why can’t you use the same?
During the day most of us women wear makeup, and our skin is exposed to damage from the sun and air pollution among other things. That means that during the day you need protection with vitamins and UV filter, while at night you need products that stimulate the production of new skin cells.

What’s your daily skincare regime like?
In the shower I apply Ecollagen Cleansing Gel with a cleansing device, after that I add a roll-on eye gel. I always use different serums for day and night time, and I skip the toner in the morning as I am using an acid peeling wipe instead. My special trick is to blend half of my day cream (Ecollagen Light) with a self-tanning lotion to give my skin that natural glow. I do that all year round. And finish with sun protection.

And what about your daily beauty routine?
I don’t use foundation but a BB or CC cream with SPF. Then I use a concealer, and leave it on the skin to dry for a while before I dab it properly.

Do you have any “can’t live without” products?
Blush! Since I am always pale when it’s not summer. I like the “radiant” look so I prefer to use a blush with some shimmer.

I also need good skincare products and concealer for the dark circles under my eyes.

How do you stay in shape?
I really believe in exercising and physical activity. My motto is “emotions and motions even each other out”. I walk to and from work every day, which gives me a lot. And my aim is to run more often than I do. I allow myself to eat anything but only when I am hungry, never when I’m not.

Eyebrow routine:
Eyebrows are so important, they frame the face. I dye them 3 times a year and pluck them once a week.

How would you describe your own fashion and beauty style?
Simple. I use a lot of black, white and grey – it is quick and easy to combine. I also love handbags and jewelries. I don’t care that much about my hair but more about my makeup. 

What colours will you be using this fall?
Purple is coming this fall, but I think green will come back soon too, like the new blue! Black, grey, white and beige is my base and will always be in my wardrobe.

My weekend hobby:
I believe in mindfulness, to mentally be where you physically are. I also like cooking, drinking wine, and doing fun things with my kids. My other hobbies are interior design and painting. 

What are the biggest mistakes or misconceptions you’ve seen in skincare?

  • The main one is that skincare doesn’t matter. Many people don’t seem to understand that through products and lifestyle we can affect 80% of our skins ageing! Only 20% of what’s going on with your skin is genetics.
  • That mineral oils and parabens are bad for you. One of the strictest institutes in the world; The European Commission, deem these ingredients to be safe, through their independent scientific advisors the SCCS.
  • Sometimes price and effectiveness don’t go hand in hand. Look for clinical tests!



New Ecollagen, HairX, Love Nature, and the new project I am working on right now that will be launched next year. But I’m not allowed to talk about that yet!

Americano with some milk

I love all kinds of food, with the exception of boiled fish.

The best in the world. I have two sons and a husband.

Italy and Cape Town are my favourites right now, but New York and Rome top my favourite city destinations.

“Life is as magic as you make it!”

Helena Christensen. She is really good-looking and very feminine at the same time. I also love Lauren Hutton.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team