From Aviation to Digital Excellence

We caught up with Kemisola Ajetunmobi, a Double Diamond Director with Oriflame Nigeria and TOP 15 - leader no 2 and learnt about her success story and how she used online tips and tools to develop her Oriflame business.

When did you learn about network marketing?
I came across network marketing some 15 years ago. I was still a student then and didn’t take it serious. I had the idea it wasn’t the business for me, even though I saw the potential earning capacity of a network marketing business. I was privileged to know some 6 to 7-figure earners, but I didn’t just see myself doing it. I tried, but I couldn’t just wrap my head around it.

What made you decide to take network marketing as a profession?
Fast forward to 2014, I was working in the aviation sector as a flight instructor. I was at this job for over 10 years, building my career while being married with a son. I thought I had it all going for me, a fantastic job which allowed me travel every week. It came with loads of benefits but at the cost of being away from my family.
I decided to start a small business on the side, but it still came along with the same problem, it separated me from my family. One afternoon, after seeking God’s face in prayers and giving a seed offering, I prayed for clarity of purpose and guidance. I took a pencil and began writing down every possible business I could run from home. Network and Internet marketing were top on my list.
I carried out a lot of research online and voila, I got the confidence I needed to make up my mind and take the challenge of a network marketing business model. I took to YouTube to learn all I could about network marketing. It became a daily routine

How did it all start and what tips did you use in getting prospects?
Oriflame came right in time, as I was invited for an OOM. I took some days off work to attend and it was like a meeting with my future. Right there in the meeting, I was restless and I began to advertise on Facebook even though I was not a consultant yet. Within a few weeks I was able to harness the power of social media to gather about 2000 people in my private group, all wanting to get more info about Oriflame.
In October 2014, I signed up as a consultant and I got about 50 people ready to join me. It was a big motivation and I was highly motivated to do more.

How did the journey with Oriflame begin?
I took two weeks off work to start my new business and at the end of the two weeks I returned back to work as a Senior Manager. I also became a 12% Manager in 7 days, and I was the first Manager in Oriflame Nigeria. This happened few days after hitting Senior Manager Position.
I didn't know the gravity of my achievement until I saw the recognition all over Social Media and people were calling me from all over Oriflame markets to congratulate me.
I had taken two weeks leave to start the Oriflame business but returned back to work with an extra 6- figure income in my back office .

Your passion for the business?
I'm the kind of person who gets passionate, emotional or any of that feeling stuff only when something good is about to happen! I just knew in my gut it was going to be good. I never imagined it would be this good but I knew it would be a blessing! At that time, no one was extremely successful in Nigeria as it was brand new here. No one was making 6/7 figures yet, and there wasn't any "story" of some crazy life change to tell [yet].
My first month in I had earned enough in commissions that could be considered a very nice full-time income. The third month it was over a full time, middle class income.

How was it like convincing people to join your network?
Back then, I not only asked, I begged a few close friends who I cared about to join me. Each of them could afford it, it was a NGN10, 000 total package then and each of them could be very successful. I wasn't any different from them. They were my friends and I wanted to share something with them that I saw could change their lives like I knew it was going to change mine.
Each gave me different stories and excuses. Many people would have let these big “NOs” stop them but I didn't. I held my head high and proceeded on to change my life. I still love each of those women. I secretly still wish each of them would tell me YES because I know there is no such thing as “too late”. It's never too late to DECIDE to Change!

Was there any point where you felt like quiting or experienced difficulties?
I had so many genuine excuses ...I had a difficult pregnancy and it was a good enough reason to not start a business or work, but I made up my mind to liberate myself from the shackles of my job so I could stay home with my baby who was to be born in some months’ time. Which was exactly what happened.
I was pregnant the month I joined Oriflame but regardless of that I was able to close 4 new titles before I had my daughter. I became a Sapphire Director in less than 9 months.

What life testimonies do you have to share?
Two and the half years after, I now live a happier life. I have gained time and financial freedom. Most importantly I earn in 7 figures. I stay at home working 6 hours a day and only leave my home once a week for business related meetings. Above all I was able to sack my BOSS! I am raising my kids myself, experiencing every moment together and building memories while still building my business empire.
I am truly enjoying earning a residual income, building an international business which I will pass on to my daughter when she is 18, and still be able to retire to the beach house of my dream. I can afford to give my kids the luxury and lifestyle I dream for them. I have had the opportunity to help a lot of women achieve their dreams by exposing them to the Oriflame business opportunity. I have the opportunity to train and stand on stages to help empower women.

How did you manage to build your business with Social Media?
I had great help from friends and mentors I met online. Some from Nigeria, others from the world at large. I took to the internet to learn and improve my already growing skill, and today it’s a different story.
I was the first in Nigeria to use Facebook groups to promote Oriflame, and I met my core leaders on Facebook groups. Today, it’s a widely used tool among Oriflame consultants even though at first most people couldn't understand how it worked. I have been able to put as many people as possible through on how to use Social Media and I am happy their businesses have taken a new turn because they followed my leadership.
I built my business using Facebook and WhatsApp, these two tools have helped tremendously to shape my business and Oriflame Nigeria at large.

What Advice do you have for other consultants?
Oriflame opportunity is not a get-rich quick scheme. It will make you rich and successful, but you have to work it. Equip yourself by investing in your self-development daily and I greatly recommend you read books and go to YouTube to learn about network marketing skills daily.

Words by: Photographs by: Yomi Dawuda