Interview with a Catwalk Nail Artist

Frida Selkirk’s creations regularly walk Sweden’s hottest catwalk shows. But Frida doesn’t design clothes; she’s a sought after nail artist. As Stockholm Fashion Week draws to a close, we caught up with Frida to chat success, her dream client and spring’s hottest nail trends.

How did you become a nail artist?
Originally I wanted to be a hairdresser, but when I wasn’t accepted on the course, I switched to a three-year economics degree instead. I thought if I studied economics I could at least open my own hairdressers one day. Later, I stumbled across a nail salon and was totally enamoured. I ended up studying under the salon owner and interning there; six years later I opened my own place. 

Your nail artistry has made it on to catwalks and in to some of the biggest fashion magazines – what’s the secret to your success?
I managed to create a niche for myself within fashion. Whilst many nail artists entered the art world, I’ve always gravitated towards the fashion industry – I think it’s fun. The way I see it, I like to dress nails. It’s part of the whole styling process and is an easy way to update a look.  

What’s your best tip for getting beautiful, well-groomed nails?
A good base is essential. Give yourself a mini manicure by gently pulling back your cuticles and removing any dead skin that’s stuck to your nails. You can apply a cuticle cream and use a buffer (a soft nail file).

Nails have become a big focus in recent years. Why the interest?
Nails have become a fashion accessory, and a cheap one at that! You can do it yourself, and inspiration is readily available via instagram, Facebook and blogs. Fashion designers have also driven interest. By making their own polishes they’ve linked nails to fashion, showing how nail art can be used to enhance personal style.  

Which Hollywood star would be your dream client?
Gwen Stefani - she is so cool. I would give her long chequered nails in black and white. 

What style of manicure do you wear?
I usually wear black or dark blue nail polish. If I’m going to a party, I like to create something extra special, like a tuxedo pattern. 

Words by: Photographs by: Jonas Carmhagen