From TV Screen to Business Dream

When we asked a colleague to describe Silvana Zdravkoska in three words, they responded: professional, balanced and completely lovable. We couldn’t agree more. The former television host and animal lover is set to become Macedonia’s biggest success story. If you’re looking to be inspired, read on.

You were a TV host before joining Oriflame; how did you discover the brand?
Yes, for five years, I was part of the “Friends” team - a television show about pets. I first discovered Oriflame when I was at secondary school, the time when every young woman starts looking for her perfect beauty brand.

And how did you start out with Oriflame?
I joined Oriflame as a beauty consultant because I wanted to enjoy the consultant benefits and because I loved – and still love – the brand. During my studies, I was looking to make a little extra income and since I already knew my great sponsor Vukica, I discovered the Oriflame business opportunity and quickly realised it was the ideal job for me.

“You’ll meet people similar to you, with spirit, passion and positive Oriflame energy...”

How does a career in television and one with Oriflame compare?
I actually think that they’re very similar. Working with animals gives me as much positivity as working with people does. Both professions consist of great energy– plus Oriflame never tests its products on animals!

At only 26, you’re just three catalogues away from being Macedonia’s youngest Director, how does it feel?
Oh, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get through these catalogues – it will be my greatest success ever.

What would be your advice to other women trying to build their own beauty businesses?
I feel honoured to share the wonderful opportunities that Oriflame has to offer when it comes to building a business and a career. Your work hours are flexible, beautiful women surround you, you get to try out the latest cosmetic products and know what all the latest fashions and trends are; in my opinion, it’s the perfect job for a modern 21st-century woman!

Have you used social media to grow your business?
Yes, of course! In the era of social media, it’s definitely necessary to use it. I have a Facebook fan page that helps me promote my business and attract young women to become a part of my team.

You have your own beauty school in Macedonia; how did that come about?
Every woman wants to look nice, earn money and have fun at the same time; only with Oriflame, you can have it all. But if you want to look really beautiful, you need to know the right tricks, so I decided to share them with those who want to earn money with me. This was how my beauty school was born; today over 100 girls have taken part.

You’ve travelled to Egypt and Spain with Oriflame – where’s next?
I believe it will be the 50th anniversary Gold Conference; it’s been my dream since I started working with Oriflame.

What does a typical conference look like?
It’s indescribable; you really have to experience an Oriflame conference to understand what I mean. You can visit every destination in the world if you have enough money, but that kind of energy, organisational style and amount of fun is completely unique to Oriflame - you won’t find it anywhere else.

What’s your favourite thing about travelling with Oriflame?
As I said before, Oriflame organises its conferences in a very professional way; however, my favourite thing is the people. You’ll meet people similar to you, with the same spirit, passion and positive energy – I just love it.

Where would your dream destination be?
When I was a child, I used to say that my honeymoon destination would be Egypt. However, Oriflame brought me there before I got married! Now, I need to think about a new destination for my honeymoon. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to visit Russia and I do hope that one day my dream will come true. Let’s see what happens!

Words by: Photographs by: Aleksandar Lazarov