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Patents, research and beauty innovations

We’re immensely proud of our scientists’ achievements. From patented cosmetic technologies and beauty innovations to global research projects, we’re continuously developing the science of beauty to meet your beauty needs and bring you the products you love.

Beauty breakthroughs and innovations – here is a selection of our most celebrated cosmetic technologies and innovations!


Patented cosmetic technologies and beauty innovations

Firmer, lifted, more beautiful skin with AspartoLift

One of our most recently granted patents is for AspartoLift, a powerhouse cosmetic technology designed to address a particularly challenging ageing sign, sagging skin. This anti-ageing technology features in our NovAge Ultimate Lift product range and is the result of 7 years of extensive research. We have shown that AspartoLift mimics the effects of retinoic acid without any of the side-effects and contributes towards 70% more elasticity and firmer, lifted skin.

Anti-wrinkle and collagen-boosting skin care with Tri-Peptide

As we age, our skin’s natural collagen content reduces naturally, and wrinkles often become more visible. We’ve addressed this issue with our patented Tri-Peptide skin care technology, developed to boost skin’s own natural collagen production, and clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 49%.

Rebalance your skin and prevent free radical damage with our unique Lingon 50:50™.

Our groundbreaking research into the antioxidant capabilities of one of Sweden’s favourite berries, the lingonberry, resulted in our antioxidant Lingon 50:50™ patent. By combining the lingonberry leaf extract with the berry extract, we’ve been able to multiply the plant’s antioxidant benefits exponentially, compared to using the lingonberry fruit on its own.

High-performance foundation with skin care benefits

Our patented SkinRenew Complex is designed to renew, revitalize and protect the skin, and scientifically proven to renew cellular turnover and protect cellular DNA. We use it in our The ONE EverLasting Foundation, providing high-performance skin care as well as a flawless foundation.

Reveal a brighter, clearer complexion with Multi-Bright Technology™

Our Multi-Bright Technology TM is a combination of two plant-based ingredients, dioic acid – derived from oleic acid (an unsaturated fat found in olive oil) – and Rumex occidentalis, a plant commonly known as Western Dock. Used in NovAge Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Day Cream SPF20, the synergy between these two active ingredients targets all key stages of melanin production.

Enjoy at least 7 X BETTER Skin with the NovAge Skin Care Routine†

By using our premium NovAge Skin Care routines you can achieve at least 7x better skin! Our scientists’ raft of carefully designed clinical tests prove that our 4-step NovAge Skin Care Routine delivers at least 7x better skin than a simple routine does.

†Clinically proven results using full skincare routine versus either untreated skin or simple routine for NovAge True Perfection, Time Restore, Ecollagen, Ultimate Lift.

Thicker, better, more beautiful lashes

Everyone wants thick, luscious lashes, and we’ve been particularly successful in creating high-performance mascaras, including a clinically proven formula that delivered 24x the volume, a world first. We were also first in the world to clinically prove a mascara’s eye-opening effect of over 30% with our patented clinical test method.

Sustainability initiatives

We have dedicated sustainability scientists working to integrate sustainability initiatives into all our products, every step of the way. We even created an ethical, environmentally responsible range that was one of the first skin care ranges to be approved by Ecocert®, Fairtrade® and the FSC™.

To help minimise the environmental impact that rinse-off products create during and after use, we recently launched a new Love Nature range with biodegradable rinse-off formulations and plan to roll out biodegradable formulations across more ranges in the future.


Age Reflect™ Signature Research Project

Our reach is global, so we need to ensure that our formulations work for each and every one of you. This is one of the reasons we started our Signature Research Project Age Reflect™, which examines the ageing footprint of our consumers and how different cultures perceive facial skin-ageing signs differently. By understanding more about the impact of age and lifestyle globally, and the way key ageing signs are perceived, we are able to create intelligent skin care products that combat ageing signs across diverse skin types, all around the world.


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