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Our product standards

Because we’re from Sweden we have a different view on beauty and the way we develop our products. Since the very beginning, we have always considered nature to be an important part of how we do things and have built our reputation upon offering people safe, reliable products that respect our environment. To better communicate our commitment to products you can believe in and stand by, we have defined these product standards:

These standards are symbolized by our product standards icons and are divided into two groups. One is focusing on the efforts we go through when selecting the ingredients in our products and the other, how meticulous we are about creating safe and trusthworthy formulations.

Responsible development

Creating high quality and effective products is not enough for us. We also work hard to ensure that our products’ ingredients and materials are sourced and used in a way that is respectful of nature and good for you.

This means that all our ingredients live up to the following standards and requirements:

We believe great products should be safe to use and created responsibly. That’s why we screen all our ingredients to ensure they are ethically sourced, safe to use and of high quality. What’s more, we never use ingredients from endangered sources.

We believe in the power and purity of nature. That’s why we only use natural extracts in our products, never synthetic ones.

All our scrub products contain only natural origin exfoliants, such as almond shells, fruit seeds and olive stones. Better for you and better for our oceans!


Highest safety standards

Developing safe products has been one of our main focuses since the very beginning. This means that when buying and using our products you can be sure they have undergone strict safety testing and follow the highest safety standards:


We comply with the most stringent safety regulations globally and often go further to protect our consumers. For example, in our cosmetics we do not allow any of the 1300 ingredients banned in the EU but also prohibit an additional 60 ingredients that don’t meet our high safety standards.

We choose not to formulate with GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

We ensure that all of our products are safe to use. At Oriflame, we use independent laboratories to test our products – so you can be assured of the safety of the products we sell.