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White nettle

White nettle

Lamium album

White nettles are rich in antioxidant compounds that give it anti-inflammatory properties, making white nettles a soothing ingredient in beauty and skin care. The wild plant also has astringent and decongesting properties that are very beneficial in helping to rebalance blemish-prone skin. A good source of vitamin A, white nettles are edible and unlike stinging green nettles, the young leaves can be consumed raw in salads.

Key Benefits

  • Skin-soothing thanks to its rich antioxidant profile.

  • Astringent and decongesting properties that can help rebalance oily skin.

  • Good microcirculation-boosting effects help to revive skin tone.

White nettle’s saponin and antioxidant content confers astringent and decongesting properties to the plant, which are beneficial in rebalancing oily, blemish-prone skin.

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