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Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge links Sydney's two major commercial centres and forms a daily orientation point for millions. It is a living landmark, a tourist experience and an essential transport line for Sydneysiders.

It is a cultural landscape that people actively experience: driving, walking, sailing, flying, cycling, ferry and train commuting, as well as passively observe – from the foreshores, from a distance, as a distinctive landmark – or examine in detail as a marvel of engineering technology.

Spanning Sydney Harbour at its highest point, the arch is 134 metres above sea level. Taking into account the road approaches, 'the bridge' is 1150 metres or about a mile long. There are 58,000 tons of steel in the bridge, the arch of which was built from both ends and meet in the middle. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a spectacular feat of engineering and an enduring icon famous the world over.