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Taste the vibrance

Cape Town’s food scene is buzzing! Characterized by hot, spicy flavours, fresh fish from the coast and locally grown produce, South African cuisine owes its many influences to the various cultures that settled and colonized the region in the past, including the Dutch, French, Malaysian and British. Together with local African influences, look forward to discovering a delicious cuisine unlike any other in sheer diversity, freshness and taste!

Cape Town’s Winelands include some of the most prolific winemakers in the world. They’re also of great interest from a cultural and architectural perspective, with a number of the older vineyards built in the area’s distinctive Cape Dutch architecture style. When the Dutch first settled in South Africa in the 16th century, they built their ranches in a style influenced by their European roots. This style developed in the ensuing centuries and became known as ‘Cape Dutch’. Its architectural influence remains to today and is most visible in the Western Cape area where many of the vineyards are.