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In 1967, we had an idea to create a beauty company that would reach people across the world - and so Oriflame was born. Oriflame has helped people to look, feel and live better - enriching the lives and fulfilling the dreams of many. Our collective passion, drive and determination is at the heart of that success.

For us, the journey to fulfilling dreams and changing lives is as exciting as the goal. The path may be different for everyone, but they all share one thing - that beautiful feeling of making a positive change. Of taking charge of your destiny and writing your own history.

Fifty years on and Oriflame’s global community is filled with millions of inspiring and heart-warming stories. Stories of progress, passion and personal success. We invite you to celebrate these stories with us in our home town of Stockholm.

Jonas and Robert af Jochnick


The heart of our city


Stockholm was founded right here in 1252 and is now one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. Like a page from a storybook, Gamla Stan is a pedestrian paradise lined with cobblestone pavements and complete with a Royal Palace fit for the King and Queen of Sweden. With a parade of soldiers on the lakefront and a daily changing of the guard, enjoy the Swedish summer of your dreams with Oriflame.

Sweden's oldest amusement park


Exclusively privatized for Oriflame

Feel like a kid again in Sweden’s Oldest Amusement park. Located in Djurgarden, Grona Lund is a joyful and magical island surrounded by water, good music and 30 exciting rides. Whether you’re ready for a heart-stopping 6 second Free Fall from 80 meters over Stockholm, or crave delicious fair treats to the beat of world-famous celebrity performances, Grona Lund is the place to be.

The Stockholm


With over 30,000 islands, Stockholm is home to the largest archipelago in Sweden! With waters made up of Ice Age Era glacier water that is good enough to drink, it’s no wonder the Stockholm Archipelago is our inspiration for progressive natural products. So whether you’re cruising the waters or using your favorite natural beauty products from Oriflame, don’t wait to dive into Sweden’s endless natural beauty.

Created in Sweden



It’s no surprise that Oriflame Loves Nature. We come from a country that is covered by almost 69% of it! A country where even the tap water is delicious and where you can breathe easy knowing you’re surrounded by some of the cleanest air in the world. Here we find our inspiration for innovation. A place where we mine our best ingredients for you. Ingredients that help us produce some of the most advanced skin care technology at our Global Support Office and Skin Research Institute. That’s why we are proud of our Swedish Heritage and take great pride in offering you a wide range of beauty products with the best of nature, science and trends – created in Sweden.

Swedish Lifestyle



No one does efficient and effortlessly beautiful design like Sweden. Sourced from natural materials, eco-friendly and functional - Sweden has become the industry standard for home furnishing. Get lost in the world’s largest IKEA store in Kungens Kurva (56,301 square meters) or find peace and tranquility in the comfort of your own hotel. Discover quality design everywhere you go in Stockholm.

Swedish Lifestyle


Wellness is a way of life in Sweden. With over 7 out of 10 Swedes reporting that they work out weekly, it’s no wonder that they’re considered to be one of the healthiest countries in the world. Find your pace and lace up your running shoes in Lidingo, known as the island of health, or bike through Djurgarden - former royal hunting grounds along the clean waters of Stockholm.

Swedish Lifestyle



Stockholm is a shopper’s paradise. With niche Swedish boutiques and exclusive brand stores with designer items, it’s no wonder Swedes are some of the best dressed citizens of the world. Find the city’s most glamorous shoppers in Birger Jarlsgatan - home to the flagship stores of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada. Don’t forget Stora Nygatan, Old Town’s answer for your tourist trinkets and more.

Swedish Lifestyle



Progressive and modern Sweden is deeply rooted in age-old traditions and celebrations. From Midsummer Eve on on the longest day of the year, to Crayfish parties in the summer with Swedish Semla and Cinnamon buns for desert - Swedes live to have a good time. Become an honorary Swede by celebrating traditions, old and new and discover the unforgettable experience of Stockholm.

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