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We all have dreams that we want to fulfill, in Oriflame we can make that happen together.

6 Growth Drivers are the guideline for EVERYONE on how to become successful in Oriflame.

Working with these drivers will help you to grow faster without any limits!


High Quality Products Created in Sweden


✔ Beauty at its best.

✔ Worldclass products at a price you can afford

✔ With Oriflame everyone can be beautiful

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Your Unlimited Opportunities


✔ Great income opportunity.

✔ Great incentives.

✔ Celebrate achivements.

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Endless Surprises To Fuel Your Business Growth 


✔Create newness, hype and excitement

✔ Accelerate your business

✔ Support your journey in the Success Plan

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Travel to Places that You Dream Of


✔ Travel the world in style with beloved ones.

✔ Inspiring personal and  professional development with 

World Class Management and Leaders 

✔ Motivation and inspiration through Togetherness, Passion 

and Spirit

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Complete Training Program To Develop Your Business


✔ Structured and comprehensive training system for growth .

✔ Learn from experts 

✔ Flexible platforms (online and offline)

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Reach More, Further and Faster


✔ Easy access to information

✔ Improved network and consumer connectivity

✔ Manage the business anytime, anywhere

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