Rose gold is trending: Here’s what you need to know about this coveted blush metal

In demand by jewellery lovers everywhere, rose gold is loved for its modern blush tone that works so well with almost every personal style. It’s beautiful and delicate, yes, if you have a classic style. But it also creates quite a chic statement if you love to be on-trend, as demonstrated by “it girls” and lust-worthy jewellery designers. We give you the low down on what makes this precious metal so special – with some luxe treasures that you can add to (or begin!) your own rose gold collection.

The history of rose gold: First used by Fabergé
Renowned jeweller to the czars, Carl Fabergé, was the first to use rose gold in his ornate creations, specifically his famous Fabergé Eggs. Coined “Russian Gold” in the 19th century, this precious metal was later renamed Rose Gold when it gained popularity with jewellers around the world in the 1920s.


How rose gold gets its beautiful blush tone
The desirable soft rosy colour is actually a blend of three different metals – yellow gold, silver and copper. With a contemporary and feminine appearance that feels both modern and luxe, rose gold is often the metal of choice that jewelers use to mark special occasions, such as anniversary celebrations.


The new treasure scent: An icon reimagined in a contemporary rose gold design
You know the feeling you get when you put on a breathtaking piece of jewellery? It’s almost indescribable, but jewellery can hold a power that elevates your aura from the moment it touches your skin. Now imagine that feeling bottled, so you can experience it with a spritz of perfume. Crafted with the exclusive Rose Gold Accord, Giordani Gold Essenza Blossom is just that – a warm, sensual and luminous Parfum jewel. And like an exquisite piece of jewellery, the iconic bottle is adorned with real 18 carats rose gold details on the cap!


Exude contemporary elegance in rose gold
Designed to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Giordani Gold, this limited edition necklace is truly a collector’s piece for those who embrace the art of beautiful living. And with its on-trend rose gold-toned appearance, it epitomises modern sophistication. It’s time to get add this coveted blush metal to your treasures collection.

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