Must-Haves for Summer Skin

What's the secret to flawless summer skin? These are our five best product picks for protecting and enhancing your skin this summer.

1. Sweat-proof foundation
THE ONE Everlasting Sync Foundation SPF 30 is not only proven to last up to 30 hours (yes, you read that right!) - and has sun protection - but it’s also sweat and humidity resistant. It’s perfect for hot summer days as it helps your skin to retain moisture in dry environments and absorb moisture in humid environments. Choose from original or matte finishes and you’re ready to go!


2. SPF
No matter if you're going to work, for lunch, or a day at the beach, always make sure to protect any exposed skin from UV rays. NovAge Day Shield SPF30 or SPF50 are great to use if you live in a city as they both have sun protection but also help to minimise the negative impact of pollution.