Take the Test: Pick Your Perfect Cleanser

Picking the right cleanser can have a big impact on your skin. Cleansing not only removes makeup, dead skin cells, dirt and oil build-up, it also hydrates and invigorates your skin. Take our test and find out what cleanser you should be using now!

    1. My skin type is…

    a) Mostly dry
    b) Oily
    c) Normal or combination 
    2. My main skin care concerns are…

    a) Flaky skin with dry patches and/or redness
    b) Blemishes and occasional breakouts with a very shiny complexion
    c) I don’t have any, or at least very few, imperfections – but if anything, I have enlarged pores
    3. When picking a cleanser, the most important thing is…

    a) That it targets fine lines and wrinkles, as I tend to experience dry skin
    b) That it leaves me with a squeaky-clean feeling and removes any grease
    c) That it’s quick and easy to use 
    4. Your desert island product is

    a) A moisturiser
    b) Blotting paper
    c) Maybe some hair spray?
    5. The climate where I live is…

    a) Mostly cold
    b) Mostly humid
    c) Dry and hot 
    6. People mostly complement me on

    a) My great foundation finds
    b) My glowing skin
    c) My flawless complexion 
    7. At the end of the day

    a) My skin feels tight or dry
    b) My skin feels shiny and like it needs a clean
    c) It varies, but it tends to feel fine 


Mostly A’s
Your skin will suit a mild cleansing milk that adds moisture and removes surface dirt without leaving skin tight. Follow up your cleansing routine with a toner to wipe away any leftover makeup and dirt – this has the added benefit of helping your moisturiser penetrate deeper into your skin. You should stay clear of foaming cleansers that will dry your skin further. For extra cleansing power, brush a cleansing device over your skin to gently exfoliate and remove any residue. It suits your skin type and can be used with your cleansing milk. 

We suggest: Essentials Gentle 3 in 1 Cleanser

Mostly B’s
A foaming cleanser will help treat oily skin that’s prone to shine. Look for a cleanser that contains absorbent ingredients like salicylic acid that will help clear up blemishes and treat an uneven skin tone. If you have acne-prone skin avoid medicated face washes that can be drying and stick to gentle cleansers instead. When you’re prone to oiliness it can be tempting to over-wash your skin – don’t do it. This will only cause your skin to produce even more oil. You want to keep skin balanced, so follow-up cleansing with a gentle toner and moisturiser.

We suggest: Optimals Cleansing Gel Oily Skin

Mostly C’s

Congratulations - you have the type of skin we all wish for! You rarely experience problems, and the little oiliness or dryness you do experience is easily resolved. You can pick whatever cleanser you like: gels, milks, oils, mousses or foams – just sweep a toner over you skin afterwards and that impeccable complexion will remain flawless!

We suggest: Ecollagen Triple Cleanser


Words by: Photographs by: Kristine Wreyford