Party Essentials: 5 Make-up Must-Haves

Party season is upon us! Up the glamour stakes with the make-up products guaranteed to wow!

1- Red Lipstick
No other colour has the same impact that red has. But you have to work to find the perfect shade – it’s all about your skin tone.
Tip: When lining your lips, skip the red pencil and enhance your pout with a nude lip pencil.

2- Concealer
Concealers are the most indispensable products of our make-up routines. Apply a concealer and take your make-up game to a whole new level!
Tip: Draw two “C” shapes in the corners of your eyes with concealer and using your brush, tap to blend – never rub! This will make your party make-up pop.

3- Foundation
Feeling party-ready is all about having perfect, dewy-looking skin.
Tip: To create a luminous finish, use a lightweight foundation with medium coverage and apply a cream highlighter on your cheekbones.

4- Lip Balm
Put a bit of lip balm on before applying your make-up, so your lipstick takes better and stays longer.

5- Something Metallic
Metallic make-up can flatter everyone as long as it’s applied correctly. Give your make-up a full-on party feel with a sprinkle of sparkle.
Tip: Add a hint of eye shadow to the centre of your lids. It will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Bonus: Perfume
Find a scent that warms on your skin and evolves throughout the night.

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