How To Work From Home And Avoid Procrastination

These days, working from home could be the only income option for many people. Luckily, Oriflame is one of the companies that offer this possibility – to both consultants and employees. But how to manage your daily work routine, that is usually done in the office or outside, in your home environment?

1. Maintain your routine

Even if you don’t have to wake up to catch a train, bus or ride a car in a traffic jam, set on alarm clock and get up. It is ok to set it up for a little later time than usually but keep your body in working day regime. Plan your business hours in the same way as if you were not working from home. 


2. Change out of your pyjamas

Pyjamas can be very cosy, but they are meant for sleeping only. Change your pyjamas into home clothing (yes, they need to be 2 different outfits). Don’t stay all day in pyjamas thinking nobody will see you - then when the delivery guy rings the doorbell, you will only have to put a coat over your nighties because „he won’t even know nothing“. It’s not about the others, it’s about you. Set up your mind as if you were at work.


3. Eat regularly

Prepare your food in advance – snacks, nuts, fruit, vegetables; treat yourself to a nice breakfast and plan you lunch the day before, so the preparation won’t disturb you and take your time once working. It might look like you eat a lot when working from home, but nothing is stopping you from stretching and exercising at home. Not all of us have the privilege of having a garden, yard or terrace, but there are endless online tutorials to follow.


4. Set up a working environment

Locate 1-2 spots where you can have enough serenity and space for work. Bed is not one of those spots as it is a place for sleeping and your subconscious might be looking for reasons to procrastinate. Find a place with comfortable seating, prepare your notebook, notepad, phone, pen, water and a snack.


5. Organize your working schedule

Now more than ever, it is important to be organized. On your notepad, write down the tasks that need to be done and one by one work them through. Ad hoc tasks may fly in anytime, but if that doesn’t happen, you will have enough of your own work. Folding washed laundry from your drier doesn’t count - don’t get distracted!

6. Take a break

Don’t forgot about breaks: this rule is the same is if you were not working from home. It’s easy to get stuck on your computer or your phone. Regular breaks will help refresh your brain and bring it back to efficiency mode. Working from home doesn’t mean nonstop work, without using the bathroom or making a cup of tea.


7. Keep it clean

Try to keep your „working spot“ clean and tidy - whether it is kitchen, living room or a study. When you are taking a break, clean your working space and, with it, you will clear your head.


8. Wear makeup

This point is of course a matter of opinion, but some of us ladies can feel more committed to work when putting on makeup, same as if we were going to actual office. If you don’t need this, at least groom yourself - after all, you might still meet your delivery guy :)


9. Set new rituals and try new treats

When you get used to home working regime, it can become your ritual. At the time when you have limited options regarding going outside, this kind of ritual can be very calming. However, for those who don’t like stereotypes and avoid rituals as much as possible, there is nothing easier than to do a small change every day. A new brand of tea, new home outfit (go crazy if you want, but stay away from pyjamas), an unusual breakfast, there is plenty of tiny details you can try. If you are working from home alone, at least once a day call your family (preferably after working hours), so you have some human contact. Enjoy the time for yourself, for your partner and family, take pleasure in your household or in cooking. There is an endless list of things that we push into background all our lives because usually we simply don’t have time.


10. Turn off the TV

Forget about TV, which people often “play” as a background sound. It is only a distraction and nothing else! If you are not a fan or pure silence, put on radio or a podcast quietly in the background.


11. Forget any countdown, get used to this change

Forget about counting down, this is not a military service with clear end date. Current quarantine can take longer, but nobody knows for sure up until when. Stop reaching towards “what will happen” (when this will finally end), or “what if”. Focus on now, on the present, and live it. You will understand that you need to make yourself happy, because now is only happening once. And if you don’t treat yourself well, nobody will give you back this lost time. Learn new things, grow and educate yourself. Live, don’t just survive and enjoy the life even in limited scale, but still with rich possibilities. Be kind to others and help them. Believe me, it will come back to you :) Good luck!