What Men Want – And What They Need

Men’s skin care needs differ from women’s. Aside from the fact of growing facial hair, men produce more collagen and have far thicker and tougher skin than us. If your man’s grooming regime is basic (to say the least), here are some simple – yet effective – additions to his normal routine. It might not be what he wants, but it’s certainly what his skin needs.

Recycled, dry air in office environments can play havoc with skin, so moisturising daily will prevent his complexion from looking dull and lack-lustre. Pick a hydrating cream that instantly absorbs - even the busiest man can make time for this.

Encouraging your low-maintenance man to apply a facemask might be tough. Using an exfoliater, however, is a no-brainer. With its easy application and twice-a-week usage, this makes it a simple addition to your man’s shower schedule. Remember he should massage onto wet skin in order to properly remove dead skin cells and any impurities.

And what about crow’s feet, puffy eyes and dark circles? Men can get these, too. So here’s what he needs to do: Select a specialised eye cream and apply with his ring finger. A roll-on eye balm also works wonders. For a refreshing and cooling boost, he can even leave it in the fridge overnight.

Spending a lot of time outdoors means consistent exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, men are often worse than women at applying sunscreen, but their needs are the same as ours. Make sure your man is using SPF and doubling up with a protective lip balm, too.

Shaving can lead to rashes and irritated skin, so it’s best to use a shaving cream and a post-shaving balm to soothe any lingering redness. A tip from the barber’s is to always shave at a 45-degree angle while following the grain. He might think he knows it all, but you can offer a few words of wisdom!

Just because George Clooney is a silver fox, doesn’t mean that all men are comfortable with ageing! Generally speaking, anti-ageing products can be divided into two camps: preventative and curative. Preventative products are ideal for most men, ages 25 and up. But, if your man is particularly concerned, a curative product containing retinol, antioxidants or collagen boosters should do the trick.

Words by: Photographs by: SHUTTERSTOCK