Your Guide To Sustainability Certificate

Wondering what stands behind Love Nature products certificates? Here is a quick guide to reveal their meaning.

0% Alcohol
This symbol means that the said product is free from any kind of alcohol as anything containing alcohol can be harsh and drying for the skin.  

Animal Welfare
It is a certification issued by USDA confirming that this brand or product does not violate animal rights and supports animal welfare.  

Biodegradable Formula
This certificate means the product does not contain any harmful synthetic ingredient and all the ingredients and break down into natural materials in the environment.  

Paraben Free
Parabens are usually used as preservatives but can contribute to the growth of cancer in your body. Paraben free icon means that the products either have no preservatives or has only natural preservatives.  

Dermatologically Tested  
It means that the product has been tested and verified by the top dermatologist and declared safe for use.  

Silicone Free
This symbol means the products are free from any form of silicones that are used in cosmetics and skincare products.  

Organic Ingredients
This icon means that the said product is developed using natural and organic products only, free from all the harsh chemicals.  

Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic  
This icon is present on the packaging that has been made up of recycled plastics that have completed their use.  

Save The Oceans
It means that the brand does not violate marine life and believes in saving our oceans. 

Choose the best and certified products to keep your lifestyle safe and healthy.  

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame