We are so delighted to be celebrating a record-breaking title in Oriflame Nigeria. Congratulations to Kemisola Ajetunmobi, first ever Executive Director and Mercedes Benz qualifier! We recently caught up with our #1 Leader to find out how she did it and what has been her source of inspiration!

Many people wonder how you were able to pull off a record-breaking title in a span of 4 years. So, tell us, how did you do it?

On my journey towards achieving this goal and many other goals I was presented with challenge after challenge. There will be times where I feel that I don’t know enough, or I don’t have enough, or that I can’t figure things out. I felt like it was too much to handle and I was often tempted to quit.




Because when things are the hardest, that’s where real progress is made. When things get hard, that’s when you’re about to experience a breakthrough. And that’s was how I got this title!! I achieved it because I DIDNT QUIT. I KEPT TRYING.



Becoming an Executive Director and Mercedes Benz Qualifier in Nigeria, how does this make you feel?

Achieving this feat is an affirmation that all other dreams are valid. It has done wonders to my belief system because right now I am going dare the world with my success. It has proved that you can achieve anything

I am ready to go for MORE because this has proven to me that I can be more.



Do you think Oriflame is changing the Network Marketing narrative in Nigeria?

We have indeed changed the narrative in Nigeria and Africa. We have opened the eyes of many elite into network marketing as a viable and legal means of reaching your financial goals

I am extremely proud that I am at the forefront of this revolution because it’s no longer same story as it was 4 years ago when I did my first advert on social media. Many are more receptive.

Majority now believe in Network Marketing. Oriflame did not just change lives of people but became the pioneer of doing network marketing right in Nigeria.

What are the key factors that drive your business and keeps you and your team members motivated?

Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things. And it’s so powerful because it’s from within. Nobody can really motivate you if you are not internally motivated because it will wean of with time. Self-motivation is a key life skill and something that everybody interested in growing their business should think carefully about. It is also a key part of emotional intelligence. I encourage my people to draw strength from within because that is the only form of motivation that last.

Any secret tip or message that you’d like to share to help fellow Oriflamers?

I want you to know this; There were plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel. I didn’t feel worthy of this success. But, I wanted so badly for things to change that I kept pushing through and I kept trying everything

I know right now you may feel stuck. You’re tired. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels. And I can almost guarantee you don’t feel worthy of change like I did.

Listen to me! There’s absolutely zero reason why you can’t change your circumstances. I don’t care what odds aren’t in your favour. YOU are the only one who determines what you can and can’t do. Whether it’s your spouse, friends or family feeding your thoughts negativity, you must stop listening. STOP! This is just a projection of their own insecurities. It’s not your job to carry their pain.

DONT QUIT ... keep pushing through because I didn’t quit, and I got a Mercedes Benz CLA