Congratulations on your new achievement, being the Face of Nigeria would boost your business & help you to achieve even more. We know Oriflame has really changed your life in a beautiful way with this great opportunity for you.

When did you learn about Oriflame and what made you join?

I joined Oriflame in my 200 level at the age of 20 and trust me, it wasn't easy for me, and I wouldn't say it was all that difficult. I just followed the laid down principles and everything fell in place. My journey with Oriflame has been tremendous. Oriflame just has a way of "wowing" me. Although when I joined, it seemed difficult and I was at a level for about 5 months, not making sales, not earning, but I kept pushing. It helped me build a better success story. There's no success without pain.


We had over 600 applications Did you ever think you’d emerge winner?

Becoming the Face of Oriflame is one of the many things on my "Achievement List". So, yes, I've always pictured myself on our catalogue and what it would look like being the face of Oriflame Nigeria. Although I got a little frightened when I heard that titles and performance level would be considered. I'm very happy that Oriflame found me fit to be the cover girl and face of her company .


How would this new achievement impact your business?

 Becoming the face of Oriflame would change a lot in my business and this would also affect my life positively. It will give me more chances in achieving my dreams faster than expected.





In a span of 3 years what title would you have achieved?

Three years from now, I am going to be a DOUBLE DIAMOND DIRECTOR. I'm working towards achieving that. I always have the end in mind.


What motivates you to succeed?

 My motivation to succeed has always been my loving mother. I call her 2 in 1. I think about her before doing anything and before thinking about myself. I didn't have much while growing up. Came from a broken home, but I want to change things in my family and Oriflame is already helping me achieve this. Oriflame has taught me that age is not a barrier when you set your mind to something. The goal is Billionaire before 25, and to touch as many lives as possible using the Oriflame opportunity. Thank you, Kelechi, we wish you all the best & look forward to celebrating with you on your desired title and exceptional success in Oriflame.