Announcing The New Face Of Nigeria – Stephanie Agbi

Congratulations on your latest achievement, being the Face of Nigeria would definitely skyrocket your business & enable you to achieve even more. We know Oriflame has changed your life in an amazing way with this great opportunity for you.

1. When you became a Director with Oriflame, how did that make you feel?

I became a Director in the month of June 2017 and I must say it was a great feeling for me because I saw it as a step further on the success plan and the company's compensation plan. Also, being the first title that comes with a cash award I was really excited that this great company rewarded me with the cash award just to say well-done for maintaining senior manager title for 6 months.

2. Now that you’re the Face of Oriflame Nigeria, how would this change your life?

Being the current face of Nigeria is also a major stepping stone for me. I see it not just as emerging the winner of a contest but as an avenue to showcase myself and the Oriflame business opportunity to the entire nation, I see it as a platform to grow my business and reach out to lots of people out there waiting for an opportunity such as Oriflame.

3. In a span of 2 years what title would you have achieved?

2 years from now I would be a Senior Diamond Director with Oriflame.

4. You contested alongside 850 other people, did you know you would emerge winner?

I contested for Face of Nigeria for 2017 but didn’t make it to any of the stages, I said to myself that I will try one more time and this time I wouldn't miss the crown. When I saw pictures of other beautiful ladies and men that contested on the company's page I knew it was going to be a though contest but I never for once stopped believing in myself.

5. What are the things that keep you going?

My dreams keep me going and helps me to fight through. I have loads of dreams and things I want to achieve in life, not achieving them are my greatest fears therefore whenever I’m faced with challenges I look back and reflect on my dreams and then I'm pushed to take more actions and not relent. What a joy to know Oriflame is all about fulfilling dreams & changing lives.

Thank you Stephanie, we wish you all the best & look forward to celebrating with you on your desired title and exceptional success in Oriflame.