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Social Causes

Oriflame has always been a devoted advocate for promoting wellbeing. And while this aligns with our business philosophy, it extends further into the charitable initiatives we have undertaken since Oriflame was founded in 1967.

Oriflame Foundation

Oriflame Foundation aims to empower vulnerable children and young women by providing opportunities for them to change their lives for the better. Specifically, for those who are most vulnerable in society.
The foundation enables long-term charity commitments and partnerships, as well as a means of measurement of our support. This involves collaborating with selected NGOs and global charity organisations and providing grants to projects either initiated or endorsed by local/regional teams.
Through these efforts, the Oriflame Foundation not only reinforces our reputation as a socially responsible company but also serves as a catalyst for attracting talented, value-driven employees and Brand Partners. 


Af Jochnick Foundation

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute and build better societies – in any way they can. We do so by supporting great organisations and great people that work to improve people’s everyday life. 
We focus on supporting projects that have a positive impact on children’s welfare, education, health, democratic development, and the climate.  
We support projects globally and work together with organisations on all continents. We have supported over 250 projects in 65 countries on five continents and secured education for more than 100,000 children in the past 15 years.


SOS Children's Villages


The heart of SOS Children’s Villages is dedicated to family-based, long-term care of children who are unable to grow up with their biological families. Today, just as it began 60 years ago, the mission remains the same: every child belongs to a family, every child grows with love and every child grows with respect. Oriflame Nigeria keys into this to give back to her local community. CHECK OUR CATALOGUE FOR SOS PRODUCT OF THE QUARTER.